We only bake to a confirmed order. There is no facility for walk in business.


A multi purpose on line bakery, baking only to orders



Celebration Cakes, Cup Cakes and Themed Sugar Biscuits picture

Individually crafted cakes for all occasions as well as cup cakes and biscuits

Catering picture

A selection of platters for all occasions, whether it be a funeral, birthday party, office function or boardroom meetings

Cake sponges picture

A selection of cake sponges suitable for the baking industry and home cake decorating artist



Snack platter picture

Catering for between 12 to 15 People

Chicken drummets & buffalo wings, meatballs, cocktail viennas, cocktail samoosas, cocktail spring rolls, cocktail sausage rolls and sauces

Cocktail pie platter picture

Catering for between 12 to 15 People

24 Assorted cocktail pies (roast chicken, prime steak, steak ‘n kidney, pepper steak, chicken mayo) & 12 Cocktail sausage rolls

Quiche platter picture

Catering for between 12 to 15 People

45 Assorted crustless quiches (Pepperdew Chicken, Savoury Mince, Roast Vegetable)

Sandwich platter picture

catering for between 12 to 15 People

60 assorted finger size sandwiches with fillings in white, brown & multi seed bread. (chicken mayo, tuna mayo…

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Croissant platter picture

Catering for between 12 to 15 People

24 Croissants, served with chicken mayo, tuna mayo, ham & cheese, egg mayo fillings

Cocktail bun platter picture

Catering for between 12 to 15 People

Assortment of cocktail buns with chicken mayo, tuna mayo, ham & cheese, egg mayo, biltong fillings.


Our first Cake picture

Our first Cake

By Charles ·
Jul 26, 2020

April the 13th, 2015 was a significant day in the history of our bakery. It was on this day That Mrs. Fonso's decided to try her hand at making a cak…

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Passing the children's Test picture

Passing the children's Test

By Charles ·
Jul 26, 2020

As bakers we often experiment in the bakery producing goods that need to justify a capacity for being sold. This often happens in giving samples away…

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Long distance ordering picture

Long distance ordering

By Charles ·
Jul 26, 2020

Being a baker is not only about producing fresh good tasting products but also to create a little magic.

Out of Canada, we get a request to make a cak…

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Meagan Taitz picture

Meagan Taitz

"Bought your cakes from the choc den and decorated it myself. Everyone commented on how delicious it was!"

Alta Nortje picture

Alta Nortje

"Oohhh my goodness, so glad you are our neighbors! Thank you so much for the awesome platter. Just what we needed for the Rugby 🏉 🏉🏉 Tastes absolutely amazing!!"

Marilize Clark

Thank you so much for all the platters and cake you guys did for my mom's 60th birthday. Hot the best compliments from everyone. YOU GUYS ROCK. WELL DONE..... WON'T GO ANYWHERE EVER AGAIN. ONLY FONSO'S FROM NOW ON. Thanks again.


Our story

As is with all good stories, they invariably start far apart and very humble.

So, it is with Fonso’s Bakery. 

It all began back in 1994 when a somewhat young Portuguese Business Development Manager at a commercial bank, tried to get a very good looking Afrikaans Portfolio Manager at the…

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Mr. Fonso's picture

Mr. Fonso's

The Boss

Mrs. Fonso's picture

Mrs. Fonso's

The boss' boss.


Phone: 0796807713

Whatsapp: 0847671572

Email: [email protected]


South Africa

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